How Cloud Migration Services Can Benefit Your Business

Cloud migration services is a process in which all or some parts of an organization’s data, applications, and other services are moved into the cloud environment from the traditional onsite systems. It can also refer to moving data from one cloud to another like for instance moving applications from the public cloud to the private cloud or vice versa. Once in the cloud, the files and applications can be accessed over the internet
Organizations prefer to adopt cloud migration services since they find the traditional housing platforms restrictive to adopting the new technologies and standards. Higher level of competition, new technologies, increasing consumer demands are a few challenges which have necessitated businesses to turn to the cloud.

Difficulties in the traditional platforms:

1. Speed is one crucial requirement. The traditional platforms require human effort in case of any issues which takes away precious time and dissatisfies the consumer and loss to the business.

2. Traditional services are not scalable and again requires a long time to build new features and services.

3. Maintenance is high in legacy applications while in the clouds there is no such issue.

4. Legacy applications are difficult to expand when new applications must be added it requires space on the personal computers and servers.

Some of the key benefits of the cloud migration services and how they resolve the above problems are detailed below.

• Flexible: The foremost benefit of the cloud services is its flexibility. It is easier to move from one provider to another in the cloud in case your current provider is unable to provide you the required services for a new project. It is more convenient than from moving from the traditional servers without disrupting the availability.

• Mobility: Cloud service is offered over the internet. This allows you to access your files and applications from anywhere in the world, at any time on any internet- enabled device. This means you can continue to work even after the business hours from home or any other place.

• Scalable: Yet another significant benefit of the cloud services. You can scale up or down the IT resources as per your business and traffic needs. This can be done on demand without having to install new infrastructure and at minimal costs. You pay only for what you consume so it means there is no wastage of resources or paying for services you do not utilize while in the cloud.

Low investment:

When you use the cloud migration services, there is a significant drop in your capital investment. The servers and other infrastructure are provided and maintained by your cloud service provider. You save on

1. Procuring and deploying hardware, its maintenance, and replacements.

2. Software installations. License fees and updates are taken care by the host.

3. Technical expertise not required. In case your business is not IT related, you do not have to recruit professionals to manage your IT.

Challenges to be aware of in cloud migration:

While the benefits are too good to be ignored, businesses may face certain challenges during the transition. Every business, irrespective of its size, has some sensitive information which is stored in a secure environment. When transiting to the cloud, the data and applications are moved via the internet. Your data could be susceptible to online frauds. Cloud security had always been a worry for the businesses.

Your cloud migration services offer high-quality security measures. The complete information is encrypted before being transferred to the cloud servers. Even if any data is exposed or intercepted by the online fraudsters, it will not make any sense to them and the data is safely transferred to the cloud servers.

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