Dedicated Hosting Benefits Ecommerce Sites

Without a quality web hosting plan, you cannot afford to showcase your products or services before a global audience. Dedicated hosting is a kind of web hosting service that offers resources like bandwidth and disk space to a single enterprise; as such, this enterprise can enjoy higher network uptime, better security and reliability, and advanced technical support. The web host will even install, run and monitor the server when you choose managed dedicated hosting services. Enterprises enjoy complete access to the dedicated server and can customize its settings to suit their business goals. Unlike shared hosting where many users share resources belonging to the same server, in dedicated hosting, you do not have to worry about the resources being used up by other co-users that can indirectly slow your site down. This explains why dedicated hosting is better suited for sites which receive a lot of web traffic, like ecommerce sites.


Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting:

•   With dedicated hosting, you can adjust the server settings and install applications to suit your own business interests, without having to seek approval of the web host. Since you enjoy complete root access to the server, you have total control over the server and its resources like bandwidth, space and memory.

•   With dedicated hosting, you can enjoy enhanced security provisions in the form of spam protection, antivirus protection and firewalls.

•   Dedicated hosting guarantees both flexibility and scalability; you can easily upgrade resources when your site expands.

•   Web hosts offering dedicated server hosting plans typically guarantee round-the-clock technical assistance in the form of phone calls, emails and live chat options. This ensures that any technical glitch is resolved right away so that your site never slows down.

These are some of the key benefits of dedicated hosting for ecommerce sites. However, unless you have the expertise to handle server management, you should let the host take over. It is better to choose managed dedicated services because this lets you focus on other important business matters instead of having to monitor and manage the server.


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Does Colocation Hosting Makes Sense for Small Businesses

Colocation Server
Colocation Server

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