How cloud hosting different from shared hosting?

With the growing advancement and increasing hype about cloud hosting services, many businesses and individual users have become bemused about which hosting service they should opt for now. There are many other hosting platforms like shared, dedicated and VPS hosting available in the market. Whether to go ahead with the prevailing hosting platform or to experiment with the upcoming cloud server hosting has become a hot topic amid businesses. Continue reading

The Market of VPS Hosting in India Is Expected to Grow

Web hosting industry has witnessed rapid transformation in recent time with the emergence of VPS hosting services. Companies that aim at making a niche in e-commerce domain are always striving to opt for cost-effective and suitable web hosting solutions. VPS hosting in India is one of the sought after web hosting solutions that succeeds in drawing the attention of enterprise consumers across the globe. There is a revelation that the adoption rate of VPS hosting is significantly higher across companies, irrespective of size and business nature.
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Does Colocation Hosting Makes Sense for Small Businesses

Colocation Server
Colocation Server

In this highly competitive business environment, IT managers are struggling to gain competitive edge while keeping their capital expenditure at minimal. There is no denying the fact that building and maintaining a data center demands immense expertise, efforts and above all hefty capital expenditure.  For small and medium scale companies owing a data center is quite intricate due to above mentioned factors. Here, collocation hosting emerges as an impeccable outsourcing solution for those seeking to have full control over their hardware, but are ready to place these IT components in a third party service provider’s data center. Continue reading

Server Colocation Mitigates Security Risks and Boosts Efficiency

In this competitive and digital landscape, CEO’s and CFO’s of top MNCs and SMEs including small online ventures are seeking for robust business continuity strategies that can help them combat catastrophic scenarios including data theft, flood, fire and power sabotage. In this line, server colocation services are considered as an optimal solution for organizations of all profiles and sizes, as it allow them to house their mission-critical IT asset without bearing extra cost of data center maintenance and management. Continue reading

Expertise Data Center Services and Solutions in India!

Somehow, we all are victim of rapidly changing technologies. This change has made an impact in the industry and organizations have understood that they need to speed up their pace with forthcoming changes. Technological changes are happening to deal with exponentially demands of business. IT providers have started catering with comprehensive data center support. Advanced data centers in India are robust, highly reliable and utmost flexible. Data center solutions add value to IT infrastructure. It helps in keeping business continue. Continue reading

Business Email Hosting: Flawless and Secured Interaction

Interaction and adequate communication setup is necessary for all thriving businesses, now a days. Lack of communication strategy and weak medium can block revenue generation streams, and suspend the ongoing business operations. Today, most of the enterprises use emails as their mode of communication to send and share files, documents, business proposals, and so on. The information or quotes shared, if leaked or not received timely can take a toll on your business growth. Therefore, it becomes essential to have right emailing client, network and technical support available by your side, round the clock. Continue reading

Why You Should Not Go For a VPS Server?

Small scale industries opt for Virtual Private Server hosting solutions. The main reason is that a VPS server hosting is affordable and small scale industries need to pay less and can avail ample of hosting services and solutions. It is more or less like a shared web hosting techniques. A shared web hosting is nothing but segregated portions of a single disk drive. In one shared hosting server there are several websites which are hosted. It means that each of the website needs to pay on sharing basis and several organizations can easily get a huge range of services. Continue reading