Tips to Pick the Right Cloud Hosting Provider

The cloud technology has certainly transformed the web hosting industry. It has enabled even the small organizations to take bolder steps and decisions to further their business without much infrastructural investment and at low operational costs. However, to get the best returns of the huge benefits you get from this platform, you need the services of the right cloud hosting provider. Choosing a host randomly can become a costly lapse that could harm you monetarily as well as require you to rebuild your business.

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Be clear about your requirements:

Before you venture out in search of a reliable cloud hosting provider, you must be sure of what your business requires. You will only be wasting your time if months later you realize that you have made a wrong choice. There are numerous vendors out there in the market but not everyone will suit your needs. Once you are clear of what your business requires, make a checklist and start your search. Look for providers that allow a free trial period. You can easily assess if they are suitable or not within a couple of weeks.

Support 24/7:

It is important for you to cut out of your list the cloud hosting provider that does not offer around the clock support. You can never guess in advance when you may require their assistance. You may want to increase your resources or may get stuck when building your own server, you cannot wait till your host opens their shop the next morning. Look for providers that are available over the phone, email and live chat for you to talk.

Features you require from the cloud hosting provider:

Reliability: The cloud is a cluster of servers. Your host must provide a backup server in close vicinity in case, your primary server is down for some reason. This will ensure your business has the barest minimum downtime.

Scalability: Cloud services allow you to scale your resource capacity both ways depending on your business necessities and avoid any traffic spikes.
Data backup: This is among the most important requirements. You cannot afford to lose your data be it by accident or any disaster. Choose a provider that guarantees of instant recovery of any lost data. The backups should be provisioned at off-peak hours or at midnight daily.

Procedures: Ask your likely providers regarding the rules they apply to data access. Who can see the files and data? What are the procedures adopted for users to access their applications? Typical procedures are authorized logins giving you the control to select who may view and access the data stored in the cloud.

Data security:

It is often seen and heard that security to data is the primary concern of every business. You must deliberate and check out the various security measures that the cloud hosting provider is offering before you choose one for your business. You need a host that offers protection against D-DoS attacks, offers built-in firewalls, intrusion prevention, and content security measures. Data encryption and stringent disaster recovery measures must be implemented.

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Reasons Why You Must Prefer Data Center India Services

Indian business owners that were very rigid and worried about their IT are now adopting a more bold and sensible approach of moving towards the third-party data center India services. This change has become necessary to increase the economic growth rate, reduce the increasing costs on skilled workers while cutting down expenditure on IT budget.

High competition is making businesses look at the best ways to enhance productivity with the least expenditure. Small businesses cannot and must not waste their resources and budget deliberating on building their own data centers.

Eliminates the risks of outgrowing the space:

An in-house data center will have space restrictions and with data increasing at an alarming pace, your business will need to keep increasing your storage capacity which sometimes could necessitate you to shut down the system. Data centers India are huge repositories and leveraging the cloud computing and virtualization technologies are offering unlimited storage. This has given the businesses an opportunity to reduce their data center footprint and rely on the third-party providers.

Does not require any capital investment:

Your in-house IT infrastructure requires you to procure computers, servers, printers, routers, storage devices and several more hardware components all of which come at a cost. You will need cooling solutions to keep the environment getting heated up. All these require constant power which means huge energy bills. Data center India stress on green initiatives like server virtualization, power efficient storage, better infrastructure facilities, power efficient network equipment, data storage administration technology, use more of renewable energy and much more similar.


More reliability and continuity:

In-house data centers are handicapped with limited resource capacities and have restricted solutions at times of outages or if some mishap occurs at the premises. Data center providers in India are N+1 or N+2 redundant in their infrastructure and are fully geared up with power backup solutions to meet every type of unforeseen and unplanned emergencies. They give you a commitment of at least 99.95% network uptime.


The risk of losing data due to theft or some calamities like floods or fire can disrupt your entire machinery and leave you stranded with huge losses. Third-party data center India providers offer 24-hour vigilance and have armed security guards to prevent any scope of burglary or theft. They have safety devices installed that can detect smoke or water leakage and raise alarms. With professionally trained personnel, they are better equipped to handle such instances in a more efficient manner. You too can take similar safety precautions but think about the investments it will need. You will need to buy the equipment, maintain it, pay for the human resources and equipment spare parts etc all of which will be a burden on your budget.

Server colocation:

Yet another cost-controlling alternative for your business is to colocate your server by placing it in a third-party data center. The Indian colocation providers charge you a monthly fee and provide you space in their data centers to house your servers. You enjoy all the data center facilities like power, security, bandwidth etc. while still having complete control over your server.