Dedicated Server Cost – Affordable Considering The Tasks It Accomplishes

Dedicated servers cost is a definite point for consideration, for the clients. Dedicated server cost is generally on the higher side, in comparison with shared hosting service, as because the client is entitled to the complete hosting service of a full dedicated physical server machine, in a dedicated server hosting service. The client leases an entire server, with its total computing resources and software applications, in a dedicated server hosting. No other user is allowed any access to the dedicated server and share its hosting service and computing resources. Therefore, the dedicated server cost is higher than other forms of hosting services.

The reasons behind the dedicated server cost-

A dedicated server is dedicated to a single user. Dedicated server hosting service is often opted by those clients, who are super big or mega business organisations. These include the ever growing and developing e commerce organisations also. Their business web sites have the super heavy traffic of web sites visitors, who number in millions, in a day. These business web sites also are under the compulsion of running round the clock, without any risk of stopping for a moment. The web sites, hosted by dedicated server hosting also must have record uptime and downtime. Any fault, in any of the above-mentioned conditions, can be enough to cause very serious damage to the business of the client organisation.

Dedicated server hosting provides complete control over the dedicated server to the client, who can configure the server, according to the business needs of the business organisation. The client is also provided with supreme flexibility, who can add or remove software applications as per the client’s business requirements. This provides a unique cost effectiveness to the user of dedicated server hosting, as it is always a pay-per-use basis.

The quantum of hosting services provided by a dedicated server hosting justify the cost, that is related to the service of dedicated server. The cost of dedicated server may be bit on the higher side, when compared with other hosting services, but no other hosting service is capable of providing the quality of hosting service, which is provided by a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting service is the only hosting service that provides guaranteed round the clock, 365 days in a year, uninterrupted hosting service to the business websites of super big business organisations and e commerce houses, which are always under the pressure of the traffic of millions of global web site visitors.

The managed dedicated server hosting has the hosting service provider taking care of all works related to server administration and server management. The client needs to pay an additional fee to the service provider, as a server management fee. This fee is not applicable to those clients who opt for unmanaged form of dedicated server hosting. But this client may have to bear the expenses of hiring and maintaining a technical support staff, for managing her/his dedicated server, if the client is not that much technically well versed and knowledgeable, herself/himself.

Dedicated server Cost-

The real cost of a dedicated server remains almost the same in both the conditions of, whether a user purchases a dedicated server or shares the services of a dedicated server for a certain time period. The dedicated server is definitely an expensive equipment. A dedicated sever is a high technology equipment. A dedicated server is capable of storing important and sensitive data, with top level security. The dedicated server puts the website on the internet, with meeting all the challenges of hosting a super heavy business website successfully. This is an extremely difficult task, and it always costs high to accomplish a very difficult task, such as this.

The dedicated server cost also depends on the quantum of computing resources used by the client, the amount of band width, RAM or other related software applications.



Factors to Consider When Checking Dedicated Server Pricing

When you choose dedicated server hosting, you can get an entire server for your business requirements. You do not have to share the resources like disk space, power or bandwidth any neighboring websites. You are free to install software of your choice and you can even tweak the server settings to suit your business goals. One of the main factors to consider when choosing a dedicated server host is the dedicated server pricing.


Dedicated server pricing is likely to be steep because you will able to lease out an entire server for yourself. Unlike shared hosting where you must share server resources with others, you will not have to share any resource with your co-users. This explains how companies opting for dedicated hosting can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and space. But, when you evaluate plans on the basis of dedicated server pricing, there are some important things that you should bear in mind:

  • To start with, just because the prices of dedicated hosting offered by a provider are low, you should not sign up with them without checking for the host’s credibility. This means that signing up with any provider without knowing whether it is reliable and trustworthy or not, is a mistake. You can find out about a company’s reputation by reading online reviews about its performance. You can also check for client testimonials and feedbacks.


  • Prices of Windows hosting are likely to be higher as compared to Linux dedicated hosting. This is because Linux is open-source and there is no licensing fee involved. However, for sites which run ASP.Net technologies, choosing Windows servers make sense as these applications will run only in Windows settings. So, although you get the benefits of low dedicated server pricing when you choose Linux plans, you have to choose Windows dedicated servers for certain applications.


  • When dedicated server pricing is exceptionally low, it may be a good idea to find out about its technical support facilities. Ideally, your web host should offer round-the-clock technical assistance through chats, phone calls and emails. But, not all providers that claim to offer excellent technical supports actually do. It is therefore better to check for online reviews and feedbacks of customers in third party sites before you make the final decision.


  • When you choose plans based on dedicated server pricing alone, you should definitely check for hidden charges. There are some companies which may offer low hosting fees, but they will demand money for upgrades and updates, for installation, migration etc. You must ensure that your web host does not charge you for extra upgrades and updates. The host should also be in a position to offer you additional hardware and software should you need these.


  • Simply choosing a hosting provider because of its dedicated server pricing advantage is not a wise decision. You must ensure that vendor can offer you a very high uptime guarantee of 99.9%. Without a high uptime, the servers are not reliable and you cannot avoid downtimes. They should ideally have Tier III datacenters which have state-of-the-art infrastructure that is fault-resilient and will ensure that your site is up and running at all times.


How to Choose Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

Dedicated Server

It might be possible that you did not consider using a dedicated server to cater to your business needs, however with growing business; you are contemplating to go with it. Growing business means large database, need for an enhanced bandwidth, low downtime and resources to scale applications up and down as per the need of the hour. Whatever is the case; the decision to choose an ideal dedicated server hosting provider should not be taken in haste, especially if you are running a website which witnesses large footfalls on a regular basis. Continue reading