How are Small Businesses Reducing Operating Cost by Choosing VPS Hosting?

Cute-Robot-BackgroundSmall businesses run applications or test them on Windows based desktop applications. In the past, Windows servers were required for development or even for running the applications. These servers were earlier were either hosted on dedicated servers or in office premises. However, one of the main drawbacks of such in-house server hardware, their maintenance, management of IT as well as network infrastructure are costly propositions. This kind of cost is extremely difficult to handle for the small businesses as well as start-ups. In fact, it becomes extremely tough for these entities with less operating capital to manage and maintain monthly costs and fees associated with onetime set-up expenses.

Costly in-house servers can be avoided by opting for more cost effective hosting options such as VPS server hosting. It has been empirically found to be much more cost effective as well as better hosting solution than dedicated hosting as well as in-house office hosting. Most advantageous aspect of VPS servers is that it offers similar control as dedicated servers but at significantly lesser cost. When you switch from in-house server to VPS server, you will find that there is operational costs reduce too, especially on management of server, power usage, office space utilized, and many more.

Windows vs. Linux VPS Server Hosting

If you are a small business or start-up, you can easily and surely go for VPS server hosting. It is basically of two types. While one types is known as Linux VPS servers, the other is called Windows VPS hosting. With Linux VPS, technology support available is LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP). In case of Windows VPS, available tech supports are ASP.NET, VB.NET, and many more. In case, your need revolves around using MS SQL database or Microsoft Access, Windows is the only solution for you. This is one of the reasons why Windows OS based VPS hosting has become so widely used by the users.

VPS Hosting – What’s so Special?

When Windows VPS hosting is used, Hyper-V technology of Microsoft is used. This is a versatile as well as efficient solution. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is based on advanced technology and is available at a fraction of cost with respect to dedicated server. What is so unique about it is the fact that the users get same level of control on the hosting resources that a user gets in case of dedicated server.

Specialty of this Windows VPS hosting is that it mimics dedicated server hosting from the garb of a virtual server. What you essentially get is a similar kind of experience as dedicated server but at a far lesser cost. What you essentially get is a control level through the use of remote desktop (Terminal server/RDP) that is similar to dedicated server. In addition, you get full administrative control along with ability to choose the operating system (Windows or Linux), and full administrative access.

However, in case of VPS, the hardware used by each virtualized server housed in a machine server is shared by all other VPSs housed in that same machine server. VPS system has been found to be highly effective for businesses that are in the quest of

• Creating private networks
• Deploying applications, which are geographically diverse load balanced, or
• Completing virtual clusters

All these aspects can be availed by a user in a VPS server hosting solution. But the best thing is that it doesn’t come with the overhead of dedicated hardware. To top the benefits is the fact that due to shared nature of the hardware used by the VPS, the cost associated with VPS is far less than that of dedicated servers.
Lesser cost of VPS server hosting and at the same time availability of similar kind of services as dedicated servers are highly beneficial for small businesses as well as start-ups. For more info, call at:- 1800-212-2022, or mail at:-

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How Managed Cpanel VPS Can Improve Your Business Growth

Managed Cpanel VPS is an ideal hosting solution for the businesses that are not technically sound to manage their servers. The VPS comes installed with cPanel control panel and WHM (Web Host Manager). cPanel is a Linux control panel which allows the users to manage the server through an easy to use interface. The users can choose the scripts and software applications that they find suitable for their websites.

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Although the managed Cpanel VPS hosting is more expensive than the self-managed it will suit your growing business as it saves you precious time and resources that you will need to maintain the servers. You may utilize your technical resources for expansion of your business developing new applications. Even otherwise, you will not have to invest in recruiting technical staff and take care of their salaries, perks, training etc.

The servers are provisioned at highly redundant data centers and the hosts take responsibility for server maintenance such as installation and configuration, daily backup, server upgrades, software updates, security patches, tools like auto-installers, cPanel, WHM, troubleshooting, security solutions and more.


Features of managed Cpanel VPS:

The benefits include

• Uptime: The host commits to maximum uptime and assured high-speed network availability with powerful SLAs. You will not experience any downtime as the hosts constantly monitor your servers and hardware for any issues.

• High Bandwidth: If your website is slow in responding to visitor requests or down for some reason, you will lose your customers to your competition. The host makes sure your business gets the best speed.

• Choice of servers: You can choose any of the Linux distros or Windows versions you are comfortable with.

• Scalable: The host will make sure your website gets the necessary resources to manage every type of traffic pressures.

• Data centers: Your servers are hosted in highly resilient data centers that are redundantly equipped with infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted power for a seamless performance.

Optimum security:

The managed Cpanel VPS packages come with full protection solutions for your data. The host provides protection against various types of DDoS attacks, anti-malware and anti-virus solutions, firewalls etc. The data centers are manned around the clock by security guards, entry is restricted to authorized personnel only with biometric access.

When you buy VPS hosting in India, you are assured of 24/7 customer support from the host. The plans are cheaper too. But be assured you will not be supplied with inferior quality hardware. The price is lower because the best hosts have better purchasing power.